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The Great Depression Trivia Quiz

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Last updated: 31/03/2023
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Take a challenge and test your knowledge on one of the most devastating economic events in modern history - The Great Depression – by taking The Great Depression quiz! The trivia game is available online and it is chock full of The Great Depression questions and answers, covering various topics from its underlying causes to its economic aftermath. Put your knowledge of The Great Depression to the test and see how well you remember the 1930s in the United States of America. What would you know about the Stock Market Crash of 1929? Or the bread lines outside soup kitchens? Dive deeper into the wealth of information about the economic downturn and find out what the Dust Bowl was like. How did people cope with the extreme poverty? Unlock the answers and much more by taking The Great Depression quiz today!

Question 1:
The Great Depression began in the United States after which major economic event?
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Question 2:
During the Great Depression, approximately what percentage of the U.S. labor force was unemployed at its peak?
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Question 3:
What was the name of the government program created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to address the economic crisis during the Great Depression?
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Question 4:
Which term describes the makeshift settlements that sprang up during the Great Depression, where homeless people lived in improvised shelters?
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Question 5:
The Dust Bowl was a severe environmental disaster during the Great Depression that primarily affected which region of the United States?
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Question 6:
Which U.S. president was in office when the Great Depression began?
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Question 7:
Which 1933 act, part of the New Deal, provided government insurance for bank deposits in the United States?
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Question 8:
Which New Deal program was designed to provide employment for young men while addressing environmental issues such as soil erosion and reforestation?
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Question 9:
The Social Security Act, passed in 1935, established which government program?
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Question 10:
Which term refers to the series of domestic programs and reforms enacted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt between 1935 and 1936?
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Question 11:
The Works Progress Administration (WPA) was a New Deal program that aimed to provide employment through what type of projects?
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Question 12:
Which New Deal program was established to provide financial assistance to farmers and regulate agricultural production?
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Question 13:
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was a New Deal program focused on what aspect of the economy?
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Question 14:
Which policy did the United States adopt in 1933 to stabilize the nation's banking system?
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Question 15:
What was the primary goal of the New Deal's relief, recovery, and reform programs?
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