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How much do you know from Geography? Test your knowledge with free quizzes, practice tests and exercises!

Free Geography trivia quizzes about countries

Find how well do you know countries all over the world. Each quiz has approximately 10-15 questions which can be about:

For a better orientation, countries are grouped according to continents. There are many categories to choose from:

Europe - Quizzes, questions and answers

We provide quizzes about European states such as France, Spain, Germany, Italy and UK

Africa - Quizzes, questions and answers

There are more than 50 countries in Africa! You can test your knowledge about some of them: Tunisia, Libya, Congo, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Egypt and more.

America - Quizzes, questions and answers

Countries in this category include Brazil, Mexico, Canada and of course, United States of America. 

USA States Trivia Quizzes

You can also find all 50 states of America and take trivia quizzes about them. Each quiz contains approximately 15 questions to answer.

Asia - Quizzes, questions and answers

We did not forget about quizzes about Asian states at all. Test your knowledge of Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea and more.

The quizzes about countries are completely free to use.

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