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The Reagan Era Trivia Quiz

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Last updated: 31/03/2023
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A Reagan Era trivia quiz is the perfect way to test your knowledge of The Reagan Era. This online quiz offers a great selection of questions about key events, people, and the policies of The Reagan Era. Do you know all the details about this historic period? Take the Reagan Era quiz and find out! With questions covering multiple topics from the era, it's the perfect way to brush up on your knowledge of the time. Test your knowledge with questions such as: What influential social policy initiatives did President Reagan begin during his two terms? Who were the key players in Reagan's negotiations with the Soviets? What were the major world events during The Reagan Era? Whether you're taking the quiz yourself or competing with your friends and family, the Reagan Era quiz is sure to provide fun and informative questions and answers.

Question 1:
What years did Ronald Reagan serve as the President of the United States?
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Question 2:
What was the name of President Reagan's economic policy, which included tax cuts and deregulation?
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Question 3:
Which major event happened in the United States during Reagan's first year in office?
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Question 4:
What was the name of the missile defense system proposed by President Reagan to protect the United States from potential nuclear attack?
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Question 5:
Which country did the United States invade in 1983, citing concerns about communist influence?
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Question 6:
Which international conflict did the Reagan administration support anti-communist forces in during the 1980s?
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Question 7:
What was the name of the scandal involving the sale of arms to Iran and the funding of anti-communist rebels in Nicaragua?
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Question 8:
Who was the Soviet leader that President Reagan famously challenged to "tear down this wall" in a speech?
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Question 9:
What was the primary purpose of Reagan's Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) with the Soviet Union?
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Question 10:
Which social issue did the Reagan administration take a conservative stance on during the 1980s?
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Question 11:
Who was Ronald Reagan's vice president, who later became president himself?
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Question 12:
Which historic legislation did President Reagan sign into law in 1986, granting amnesty to certain undocumented immigrants?
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Question 13:
What was the name of the 1981 air traffic controllers strike that resulted in President Reagan firing over 11,000 striking workers?
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Question 14:
Who was the first woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States, nominated by President Reagan in 1981?
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Question 15:
Which economic indicator experienced a significant increase during the Reagan era, leading to concerns about the nation's financial stability?
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