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Currently we are creating quizzes,tests and exercises for these subjects:

English and Literature

In this subject, you can  currently find three main categories:


Grammar quizzes might be a helpful tool for people looking to improve their grammar skills and enhance their written and spoken communication. Our quizzes cover a range of grammar topics, including sentence structure, verb tenses, subject-verb agreement, punctuation, etc. Grammar quizzes can be especially useful for students studying a new language or preparing for a language proficiency exam such as the TOEFL or IELTS. They can also be helpful for writers, editors, and professionals seeking to improve their writing skills and avoid common grammatical errors. By practicing with grammar quizzes, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of grammar rules and principles and improve their overall proficiency in the language.


With our vocabulary quizzes, you can expand your vocabulary and improve your language skills.  Regular practice with vocabulary quizzes can help individuals strengthen their language skills, improve their reading comprehension, and enhance their ability to communicate effectively in both written and verbal contexts.


Literature quizzes on this website can be a fun and engaging way to test your knowledge of various literary works, authors, and genres. They can be used to assess  comprehension and retention of material covered in class, or for book clubs and avid readers to challenge themselves or their peers. Literature quizzes can can cover a broad range of topics such as character analysis, plot summaries, and literary devices. Participating in literature quizzes can not only be enjoyable, but can also help deepen one's understanding and appreciation of literature.


We are currently working on this.

Computer Science

Quizzes for Computer Science are currently being written, so be patient.


We are planning to add quizzes for these categories


There are two main categories being prepared:


This category is also being developed


When it comes to subject Geography, we are planning to create quizzes about different countries all around the world including US. Stay tuned.


In this subject called “Society” we are planning to add these categories:

Culture and Art

The last subject we decided to create quizzes for is called Culture and Art: