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Last updated: 31/03/2023
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Are you an enthusiast of ancient civilizations? Test your knowledge of the Persian Empire with this exciting Persian Empire trivia quiz! With questions ranging from the Achaemenid Dynasty to the Sassanian Empire, this quiz is designed to help you gain a greater understanding of Persian history and the many events during its expansion. From the interesting facts about the Persian culture to the detailed questions about their rulers, this online quiz will serve as an entertaining and educational way to learn about the Persian Empire. So don't wait! Try your hand at this comprehensive Persian Empire quiz now and see how much you already know about this fascinating civilization.

Question 1:
What ancient empire, which originated in modern-day Iran, was founded by Cyrus the Great and lasted from 550 BCE to 330 BCE?
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Question 2:
The Persian Empire, also known as the Achaemenid Empire, was conquered by which famous Macedonian king in 330 BCE?
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Question 3:
What is the name of the ancient Persian religion founded by the prophet Zoroaster, which emphasizes the concepts of good and evil?
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Question 4:
The Persian Empire was divided into provinces called satrapies, which were governed by officials known as what?
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Question 5:
The Royal Road, an ancient highway stretching over 1,500 miles, connected the cities of Susa and Sardis in which empire?
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Question 6:
Which famous Persian king, known for his benevolent rule, issued the Cyrus Cylinder, often considered the world's first declaration of human rights?
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Question 7:
Which famous battle in 490 BCE saw the Persian forces led by King Darius I defeated by the Greeks during the first Persian invasion of Greece?
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Question 8:
The construction of which ancient ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire, located in modern-day Iran, was initiated by Darius I?
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Question 9:
Which Persian king, ruling from 486 BCE to 465 BCE, led the second Persian invasion of Greece and was defeated at the Battle of Salamis?
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Question 10:
The Persian Empire was known for its policy of tolerance towards the cultures and religions of the people they conquered, known as what?
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Question 11:
What was the title given to the king of the Persian Empire, which means "king of kings" in the Old Persian language?
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Question 12:
The Persian Empire's official language was Old Persian, which was written using which type of script?
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Question 13:
What ancient Persian elite military unit, consisting of 10,000 soldiers, served as the king's personal bodyguard and was known for their loyalty and skill?
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Question 14:
The Zoroastrian sacred text, the Avesta, contains hymns and religious teachings attributed to the prophet Zoroaster, which are known as what?
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Question 15:
What was the name of the Persian Empire's elite force of mounted archers, known for their speed and mobility?
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