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History of Ancient Rome Trivia Quiz

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Last updated: 30/03/2023
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Test your knowledge of Ancient Rome history with this online History of Ancient Rome quiz. This comprehensive quiz covers History of Ancient Rome from its humble beginnings more than two thousand years ago until the demise of the Roman Empire. Our trivia includes questions and answers on Roman culture, people, politics, government, and even geography and economy. Prepare to be quizzed on the people of Ancient Rome, explore the conquests and achievements of the great Roman Centurions, and think about the art, architecture, and everyday life in the Ancient Romans Empire. A History of Ancient Rome Trivia quiz proves a great way to learn more about Ancient Roman civilization and its timeless legacy.

Question 1:
According to legend, who were the twin brothers raised by a she-wolf and responsible for founding the city of Rome in 753 BCE?
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Question 2:
What was the primary governing body of the Roman Republic, composed of aristocrats and responsible for advising elected officials?
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Question 3:
Which ancient Roman general famously crossed the Rubicon River in 49 BCE, initiating a civil war and the end of the Roman Republic?
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Question 4:
What type of government structure did Rome have before it became a republic in 509 BCE, where kings held supreme authority?
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Question 5:
The Roman Republic fought against Carthage in three major wars known as what, ultimately resulting in Rome's dominance over the western Mediterranean?
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Question 6:
Which Carthaginian general famously crossed the Alps with his army, including elephants, to fight against Rome during the Second Punic War?
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Question 7:
Which social class in ancient Rome consisted of the wealthy, land-owning aristocracy and held most of the political power?
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Question 8:
The Roman Republic's conquest of the Greek-speaking world exposed Romans to Hellenistic culture, leading to a period known as what?
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Question 9:
The Roman legal system was based on a set of laws inscribed on twelve bronze tablets known as what?
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Question 10:
In ancient Rome, who were the professional fighters that engaged in brutal combat for the entertainment of the public?
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Question 11:
What was the name of the large, oval-shaped stadium in ancient Rome that was primarily used for chariot races and other public events?
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Question 12:
The construction of which ancient Roman architectural marvel, completed in 80 CE, was primarily funded by the spoils of the Siege of Jerusalem?
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Question 13:
Which Roman historian, known for his monumental work "Ab Urbe Condita," chronicled the history of Rome from its founding until 9 BCE?
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Question 14:
In ancient Rome, what was the name of the social class that included small farmers, laborers, and urban poor who had little political power?
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