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Last updated: 03/04/2023
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Are you a philosophy enthusiast? Test your knowledge with our Plato trivia quiz! Plato was a philosopher in ancient Greece who founded the Academy in Athens, where he taught Aristotle. His philosophical beliefs have influenced Western thought for centuries. Our quiz will cover various aspects of Plato's life and philosophy, including his famous works such as "The Republic." How well do you know Plato's philosophy? Challenge yourself and take our online Plato trivia quiz now!

Question 1:
Which of the following is the famous philosophical school founded by Plato?
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Question 2:
Plato's most famous work, which describes an ideal society ruled by philosopher-kings, is called...
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Question 3:
Plato believed that the ultimate reality consists of what kind of entities?
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Question 4:
Which of Plato's dialogues features the Allegory of the Cave, a story about the nature of knowledge and reality?
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Question 5:
In Plato's view, what is the highest form of reality, representing the ultimate truth and goodness?
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Question 6:
Plato's concept of the ideal society includes three classes of citizens. Which class is responsible for ruling?
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Question 7:
What is the name of the dialogue in which Plato explores the concept of love through a series of speeches?
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Question 8:
Plato was a student of which famous philosopher?
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Question 9:
Who was Plato's most famous student, who went on to become a prominent philosopher himself?
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Question 10:
According to Plato, what is the purpose of his famous Allegory of the Cave?
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Question 11:
In Plato's philosophy, what is the name given to the eternal, unchangeable, and perfect abstract entities?
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Question 12:
Plato's dialogues are written in what format?
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Question 13:
In which dialogue does Plato explore the nature of justice and argue that it is better to be just than unjust?
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Question 14:
Plato's dialogues feature which central character, who engages in discussions and debates with others?
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Question 15:
Which dialogue explores the nature of piety and is the first of a series of dialogues featuring the trial of Socrates?
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