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Last updated: 13/03/2023
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Ay caramba! Are you a true Simpsons fan? Test your knowledge with our online trivia quiz, featuring questions from all 32 seasons of the iconic animated sitcom. From Springfield's lovable characters to its hilarious catchphrases, our questions will put your knowledge of the show to the test. Can you name the school principal? Do you know Homer's favorite beer? Our quiz has it all! Play now and see how many questions you can answer correctly. Whether you're a lifelong fan or a newcomer to the show, our questions with answers are sure to provide fun for all. Don't have a cow, man – take our quiz today!

Question 1:

Who is the main neighbor family of The Simpsons?

1 b
Question 2:

What is Homer's favorite beer brand?

1 b
Question 3:

What is the name of the bar frequented by Homer Simpson?

1 b
Question 4:

Who is the nuclear plant worker that often gets Homer in trouble?

1 b
Question 5:

What is the name of the town in which The Simpsons series is set?

1 b
Question 6:

What is the name of the Simpson's cat?

1 b
Question 7:

What is the name of the Simpson's neighbour?

1 b
Question 8:

What is Lisa Simpson's passion?

1 b
Question 9:

What is the name of the billionaire living next to The Simpsons?

1 b
Question 10:

What color is Homer's car?

1 b
Question 11:

What is Homer's middle name?

1 b
Question 12:

What kind of candy does Homer usually eat?

1 b
Question 13:

In which state is the Springfield located?

1 b
Question 14:

How do they call their dog??

1 b
Question 15:

What is the name of the bully that often picks on Bart?

1 b
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