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Last updated: 02/04/2023
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Are you a fan of the "Purple Rain" singer? Test your knowledge of Prince with our Prince trivia quiz. This online quiz includes Prince's life, music, and career, with multiple-choice questions that will challenge even the biggest Prince fans. Do you know which Prince album featured his hit song "When Doves Cry?" Can you name Prince's backing band in the movie "Purple Rain?" With our Prince quiz, you'll test your knowledge and learn fun facts about the legendary musician. Play online for free and see how well you score against other Prince fans. Don't forget to share your results with friends and challenge them to take the quiz too!

Question 1:
What was the name of Prince's backing band during the 1980s?
1 b
Question 2:
Prince's 1984 album and movie, which launched him into superstardom, share the same title. What is it?
1 b
Question 3:
In which year did Prince release his debut album, "For You"?
1 b
Question 4:
Prince's iconic symbol, which he used as his name for a time, was a combination of which two gender symbols?
1 b
Question 5:
What is Prince's full birth name?
1 b
Question 6:
In which year did Prince win an Academy Award for Best Original Song Score for "Purple Rain"?
1 b
Question 7:
Which song, written by Prince, became a hit for Sinead O'Connor?
1 b
Question 8:
Which Prince album features the hits "Little Red Corvette" and "1999"?
1 b
Question 9:
Which of these instruments did Prince NOT play proficiently?
1 b
Question 10:
How many Grammy Awards did Prince win during his lifetime?
1 b
Question 11:
What is the name of Prince's recording studio and home in Minnesota?
1 b
Question 12:
Which of these artists did NOT collaborate with Prince on a song?
1 b
Question 13:
Which of these famous songs was NOT written or co-written by Prince?
1 b
Question 14:
Which song did Prince write for the soundtrack of the 1989 "Batman" film?
1 b
Question 15:
In which year did Prince tragically pass away?
1 b
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