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Last updated: 02/04/2023
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If you're a fan of Taylor Swift's music, test your knowledge with an online trivia quiz! Challenge yourself and your friends with questions about the country-pop superstar's life, career, and music. Some sample questions might include: "What was Taylor Swift's first album?", "What was the name of Taylor Swift's first hit single?", "What was the name of Taylor Swift's first world tour?", and "How many Grammy Awards has Taylor Swift won?" Whether you're a die-hard "Swiftie" or just a casual fan, this quiz is sure to put your Taylor Swift knowledge to the test. So why not gather your friends and see who knows the most about one of the biggest pop stars in the world? Check out an online Taylor Swift trivia quiz today!

Question 1:
Taylor Swift's self-titled debut album was released in which year?
1 b
Question 2:
In 2008, Taylor Swift released her second studio album titled what?
1 b
Question 3:
What song from her debut album was Taylor Swift's first Billboard Hot 100 hit?
1 b
Question 4:
Taylor Swift's 2012 album "Red" features a hit collaboration with which British singer-songwriter?
1 b
Question 5:
In which year did Taylor Swift win the Grammy Award for Album of the Year for her album "1989"?
1 b
Question 6:
What song did Taylor Swift co-write with Zayn Malik for the "Fifty Shades Darker" soundtrack?
1 b
Question 7:
Taylor Swift's album "Lover" was released in which year?
1 b
Question 8:
Which famous rapper interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards?
1 b
Question 9:
Taylor Swift's "folklore" and "evermore" albums were produced in collaboration with which musician?
1 b
Question 10:
In which music video did Taylor Swift play several different characters and personalities?
1 b
Question 11:
What is the name of Taylor Swift's 2014 single that addresses bullying and negative comments?
1 b
Question 12:
What was the lead single from Taylor Swift's album "Red"?
1 b
Question 13:
Taylor Swift's song "Lover" features a collaboration with which American rock band?
1 b
Question 14:
Which song from her album "1989" was inspired by Taylor Swift's relationship with Harry Styles?
1 b
Question 15:
Which famous pop singer did Taylor Swift collaborate with on her song "End Game"?
1 b
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