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Last updated: 13/03/2023
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Welcome to the world of Futurama! Test your knowledge of the futuristic animated sitcom with our exciting online trivia quiz. We've prepared 20 fun questions that will put your Futurama knowledge to the test. From identifying characters to remembering memorable quotes and plot points, our trivia quiz has it all. Each question has four options, and only one is correct, so be sure to choose wisely. Our trivia quiz is perfect for Futurama fans of all ages who want to test their knowledge and have some fun. So what are you waiting for? Take the Futurama trivia quiz today and see how you stack up against other fans!

Question 1:

What is the name of the delivery company where Fry, Bender, and Leela work?

1 b
Question 2:

Who is Fry's best friend and roommate?

1 b
Question 3:

What type of alien is Leela?

1 b
Question 4:

What is the name of Fry's girlfriend who was frozen cryogenically just like him?

1 b
Question 5:

Which character is known for saying "Good news, everyone!"?

1 b
Question 6:

What is the name of the robot who is Bender's rival?

1 b
Question 7:

What is the name of the planet that is home to the Omicronians?

1 b
Question 8:

What is the name of the mutant who lives in the sewers and has a crush on Leela?

1 b
Question 9:

Which character has the catchphrase "I'm not programmed for friendship"?

1 b
Question 10:

What is the name of the planet where all robots are manufactured?

1 b
Question 11:

Which character is known for his love of anchovies?

1 b
Question 12:

What is the name of the episode where Fry drinks 100 cups of coffee?

1 b
Question 13:
What is the name of the hippie who is a recurring character in the show?
1 b
Question 14:
What is the name of the planet where the giant brain resides?
1 b
Question 15:
Which character is revealed to be Fry's nephew?
1 b
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