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Aladdin Disney Trivia Quiz

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Last updated: 13/03/2023
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"Do you want to take a magic carpet ride into the world of Aladdin and test your knowledge?" Look no further than our online trivia quiz! With 20 questions and multiple choice answers, our quiz covers everything from the genie's powers to Jasmine's independence. Gather your family and friends and see who can answer the most questions correctly. With answers provided, you'll learn new facts and impress your loved ones with your Disney expertise. Don't wait to take our quiz and discover a whole new world of Aladdin trivia fun!

Question 1:

Who is the main character in Aladdin?

1 b
Question 2:

What is Aladdin's main weapon?

1 b
Question 3:

Who is Aladdin's sidekick?

1 b
Question 4:

What color is Jasmine's outfit?

1 b
Question 5:

What is the nickname of the Sultan’s vizier?

1 b
Question 6:

What kind of animal is Aladdin sidekick?

1 b
Question 7:

Who is the villain in Aladdin?

1 b
Question 8:

What does Aladdin use to get past the Cave of Wonders?

1 b
Question 9:

What does Genie turn into to distract Jafar?

1 b
Question 10:

Who is the voice actor of Genie?

1 b
Question 11:

What's the name of Jasmine's pet tiger?

1 b
Question 12:

What are the names of the two royal guards?

1 b
Question 13:

What does the Genie call Aladdin when he wishes to become a prince?

1 b
Question 14:

What song does Aladdin sing when he first meets Jasmine?

1 b
Question 15:

What is the name of the Sultan's pet parrot?

1 b
Question 16:

In what year was Aladdin released?

1 b
Question 17:

How many wishes does Genie grant Aladdin?

1 b
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