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Last updated: 01/04/2023
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Welcome to the ultimate Famous Paintings trivia quiz! Are you a true art connoisseur? Test your knowledge and challenge your friends with this online Famous Paintings quiz. Discover fascinating facts about some of the world's most iconic masterpieces, from the Renaissance to the modern era. Can you name the artists behind famous paintings such as the Mona Lisa, Starry Night, and The Scream? Or perhaps you know the historical significance of The Last Supper, Guernica, or The Persistence of Memory? With our collection of Famous Paintings questions and answers, you'll uncover surprising details and learn about the artistic techniques that made these paintings so influential. So, let's put your art knowledge to the test and see if you can earn the title of Famous Paintings trivia champion!

Question 1:
In which famous painting can you find a hidden geometric pattern called the golden ratio?
1 b
Question 2:
What is the title of the famous work by Édouard Manet, which shows a nude woman picnicking with two clothed men?
1 b
Question 3:
Which famous painting by Grant Wood depicts a farmer holding a pitchfork and a woman in front of a farmhouse?
1 b
Question 4:
What is the name of the iconic painting by Sandro Botticelli that shows the goddess Venus emerging from the sea?
1 b
Question 5:
What is the title of the famous painting by Francisco Goya that depicts the execution of Spanish rebels by French soldiers?
1 b
Question 6:
Which painting by Jacques-Louis David portrays Napoleon crossing the Alps on a rearing horse?
1 b
Question 7:
What is the name of the famous painting by Jan van Eyck that features a convex mirror reflecting the scene?
1 b
Question 8:
Which famous artwork by James Whistler shows an elderly woman in a black dress and white bonnet?
1 b
Question 9:
In which painting by John Everett Millais can you find a drowning Ophelia from Shakespeare's Hamlet?
1 b
Question 10:
What is the title of the painting by Gustav Klimt that features two lovers entwined in a golden embrace?
1 b
Question 11:
Which painting by Rembrandt depicts a group of militia members in 17th-century Amsterdam?
1 b
Question 12:
In which painting by Diego Velázquez can you find a portrait of King Philip IV's court?
1 b
Question 13:
What is the title of the painting by Hieronymus Bosch that depicts a chaotic and fantastical scene of earthly delights?
1 b
Question 14:
Which painting by Henri Rousseau features a woman lying on a red couch in a lush, exotic jungle?
1 b
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